Week 4


The course for this week is about:

  • Blobs how they are connected,
  • what features do blobs have and
    the bounding and surrounding box of blobs.

  • Grayscale blob analysis.
  • Operators related to blob analysis.



  • Drainage (08_LabelMeasurement-34)
  • Use blob analysis to locate misprinted holes on a drainage.


  • Calculate average pixel value (08_LabelMeasurement-43)
  • Complete the script: Assignment/Average_pixel_value/script.jls

    • Threshold the license plate
    • Remove the noise and the dashes.
    • Preform a grayscaleblobanalysis (average pixel value).
    • Add all the average values to a total.
    • Divide the total by the amount of characters.
  • Find licenseplate in multiple images (08_LabelMeasurement-44)
  • Complete the script: Assignment/Multiple_license_plates/script.jls

    • Use a generic single threshold to segment all license plates.
    • Use a generic way to remove the noise from all the images.
    • Fill the license plates to create solid blobs.


Blob analysis

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