Course Introduction

This course teaches a wide variety of image related operations. This includes analyzing, enhancing, segmenting in both color and grayscale and many more subjects. The goal for this course is to build a license plate recognition framework, and compete with your fellow students for the highest score.

Each week contains four points:

  • Videos
  • The videos contain 90% of the theory and relevant examples.

  • PDF’s
  • The PDF’s contain 100% of the theory and more examples. If it’s not explained in the video you can find it here. The PDF’s contain the detailed version of the exercises and assignments.

  • Exercises
  • The exercises are similar to the demonstrations. Doing these will make you more familiar with the software and provide a solid foundation for the assignments.

  • Assignments
  • The assignments are homework, doing these is mandatory. The focus this time is to test the knowledge you just learned and to prepare you for the next week. As each assignment is built on the skills and knowledge from the previous weeks.

It is strongly advised to do each week in the following order:

  • Start by watching the first video, followed by reading the matching pdf.
  • Doing demonstrations for difficult parts and exercises when indicated.
  • Repeat this process until you watched all the videos and read the matching PDF’s.
  • When done, start doing the assignments paying close attention to the provided tips, as they will help you to find the solutions.

The grading of the course is based on both your improved license plate recognition software (written in C#) and your report.
At the end of the course both your C# code and your report should be handed in.

The software required during the course: download
The files required during the course: download

Best of luck during the course.